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Haiku - Design sinks for interiors or you express, in graniglia,various colours.


Renga (chain poem) is a contest, a Japanese poetry competition, where players add 14-syllable lines to the first one, given as the title and defined as hokku. In the 14th century a new form of "renga" became popular, the haikairenga, where only comic or satirical subject matters were considered. Commonly known as haikai, it was somehow similar to those `divertissement", half-way between poetry and lyric, which can stili be found in Barbagia, a region of Sardinia. Three centuries later Basho put an end to the comic and satirical trend, making a proper catharsis in the haiku, a poetic form which contains 17 syllables distributed in three groups of 5, 7 and 5 syllables each. This poetic form suited the typical lyrical expression and it usually referred to the seasons of the year. Elegant and light as the flapping of the butterfly's wings, haiku becomes a constant source of inspiration for contemporary poets, the most representative of the Italian ones being Giuseppe Ungaretti.
Almost without gravity, just like a magician's trick, Haiku comes to life, a wash-basin which needs no explanation. And you, who are not contented enough with prose and seek poetry, choose Haiku: it will enlighten you with the immensity.


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