The I.M.C. it is born from the experience of over 40 years in the field of the light prefabrication.
In the 1974-75 ,after a long experience in the sector of the housebuilding and the manufactured articles in cement, Mr.Mario Marinelli and his brother Mr. Luigi Marinelli, founds to Ancona, the " Artisan " Manufactured " ,company to character , craftmade,but with equipments to the vanguard for the times, what one was occupying prevalently of production,of, pipes, floorings, riquadrature, and of all that articles of architectural decoration that can be defined of light prefabrication ,please be they for inside or for outside,in chalk or cement.

In the 1991 Mr.Fausto Marinelli,son of Mr.Mario Marinelli,aware of the great experience acquired in the years from the father,charmed from the potentiality of new techniques of new manufacturing,to new product from to experiment and of new markets to find, to a friend of long date,Mr.Stefano Schiavoni, also with a great experience to the shoulders ,to spaced from the realization of models, to the stampaggio,to synthetic materials,to the nautical ,as to the electronics , they melt in sinergy the they own experiences accepting the challenge of the continuation and improvement of that it was the state of the art of the sector and founds, the I.M.C. ,Italian Modern Compound, with the objective to produce complements of furnish either for inside that for outside ,in chalk and cement.
Up to 1994-95 the two reality, the " Artisan Manufactured "and the " I.M.C. ". they have lived together,for then to leave the place to the emergent and mature I.M.C., that, always receptive in the comparisons of new inputs and always ready to new challenges,careful to the evolution and the experimentation of the chemistry applied to the sector, it produces a big amount and variety of articles,sweeping from the interior design , to urban furniture , give him elements of architectural decoration to the rubbers and resins for the furnishing and the housebuilding.
The competence,the experimentation,the will to do better always and the warranted flexibility from a structure however brought craftmade,they took the I.M.C. it has becoming a point of reference in the sector for how much it concerns the quality,reliability and innovation;always dynamic and open to new stimuli to furnish a competent service and in constant improvement,to all the technicians of the sector as to the single private,according some historical building culture but always careful to the evolutions of the materials,some demands,some fashions.
This is the I.M.C.


Currently the I.M.C. e' formed by an organic of 8 operators,i understood the holders,he occupies a superfice of around 1000 covered mqs and 4000 external mqs in the principal historical center in Ancona, while he is in yard the opening of a new productive laboratory of around 3000 mqs total ,delocalizzatos along the costa,for the production dedicated of elements prefabricated in GRC.



COMPOUND is an Anglo-Saxon term (pronounced `kàm:paùnd) of multiple meanings. It is derived from the French “compondre" (to arrange) and from the Latin "com + ponere" (to put or place in position)............ ...

Used as a verb its principle meaning is that of putting together elements, ingredients or parts, in order to form a whole; an accepted technical meaning, for example, is that of combining together force and velocity to obtain a single result. Thanks to the magic of lan­guages, compound con also mean to concur: "... no attempt to with God, to offer future good behaviour in exchange for forgive­ness".(C.S. Forester).

Used as a noun, it is a sum of components which are words themselves (e.g. centimeter). Finally, referring to our case, the accepted meaning is that of paste "...sometimes erroneously called mortar, of an agglomerating or binding substance and a fine inert substance (sand) with water. It is of a pasty texture, and used for various substances, in particular for binding the parts of brick-work and for dividing the strains that they exert on each other." (Les. Univ. Ital. G. Treccani, vol. IX, pag.)

Chalk-based mortars: these are the oldest aerated mortars and were used in the interior of the Pyramid of Cheops. Lime-based mortars (the most common) whose use dates back to the 4th century B.C. These are also mor­tars which harden in the presence of water, used since ancient Roman, and finally cement mor­tars which are resistant to water (which is not the case of lime and chalk).... Human invention has constantly applied itself to improving this procedure of binding together various substances, obtaining, step by step, pastes, mortars, grit, performance- oriented, reliable and attractive.

The second term MODERN in the acronym I.M.C. was introduced to determine the passing of time... from the ancestral procedure of binding together water and sand to obtain mud, up to today, at the end of the second millennium A.D., man has been repeating, though giving a new interpretation, the same gestures, whose meaning is lost in the mists of time. Sand, for exam­ple, should be perfectly clean, devoid of any organic or dirty substance, it should not come from chalk ­based or decayed rocks. And what about water? Together with Air, Earth and Fire, it was considered by Empedocles one of the four founding elements. Nowadays, certainly, the choi­ce of components is based on a difFerent knowledge, being technology the linking element between man and nature.

However, in this country, where the arch-shaped flap of the boot fringes the rest of Europe, while heel and point are well set in the cradle of civilization, which is the Mediterranean, a typical Italian way of being still survi­ves. Here, craftwork is passed on from generation to generation, and the son, while repeating the actions learnt from his father, thinks as he works. And from that on he improves.

I.M.C.: that's what Italian Modern Compound is. The knowledge of perfoming. Not only that, however. It represents, at the same time, the ambition, which is natural and healthy, to do better than the previous generation. To carry on a task which was started in the past and will be continued in the future. It is an everlasting breath. Mediterranean. It fills the heart with joy. It is even exhilarating, at times. It is a feeling of making friends, of meeting people, of talking to one another. Of coming into contact, or even in contrast, with young designers, finding mutual challenge in the con­stant research for the production of new objects, which, hopefully, will improve our way of being. In other words, our life.

That is Italian Modern Compound, with an eye to the past and one to the future.

And both feet on the ground.

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