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Ellissi - Design sinks for interiors or you express, in graniglia,various colours.


"I want a life like Steve Mc Queen's" Vasco Rossi (from:"Bollicine") Everybody knows ellipse - it is a plain geometrical figure, which is obtained by cutting a cone comes from the Greek word "cUaynq" (élleipsis) meaning "loss", since an ellipse is an imperFect circle. Even though hybrid, this has been a lucky figure, so that it has assumed an important role in the world of design, and, even more so, in the world of architecture. Apsides, amphitheatres, arches, arenas, domes, vaults, that's where elliptical shape reigns. A different matter, though not less popular, is ellipsis "the instance of leaving out a word or words from the grammafical structure of a sentence when the meaning can be understood without it-them, in order to give speech a better fluency and concision". (Oxford aavancea Learner's Dictionary. Oxford Univrsity Press.) Th2 8bOV2 mentiOnEd sentence by Vasco Rossi, an Italian singer, is nothing else but an example of such a definition: The full sentence would be "I want a life like Steve Mc Queen's lifé'.Poetic licence, artistic licence. In both cases the simple act of abolishing what is not essential leads to synthesis, to better and more artistic effect. In this case a conic curve (ellipse) has been deprived of a part - ellipsis - in order to allow the wash-basin to be set at a higher level while lowering the front side, the part closer to the user. Just to let you be at ease while doing your own things: an ellipsis - ellipse.


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