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Baden - Design sinks for interiors or you express, in graniglia,various colours.


Oscar Lassar, a pioneer of mass bathing who amazed the World Hygenic Congress in Vienna with simple public shower boxes from military life, by 1887 considered an ambitious objective to have almost been fulfilled: a weekly bath for every German. It is certain that in the second half of the 19~ century in Germany we see the birth of public bathrooms and swimming pools, where purification, recovery and cure were the key words. Simplicity and cleanliness combined with an appropriate use of low degradable materials were the main reference points. Today, at the end of the second millennium, needs have changed and,bearing in mind the severity and simplicity of the Teutonic forms, Baden comes to life - a series of washbasins characterized by large ovai basins and generous surround.


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Baden with furniture
Baden from wall with shelfs
Baden from wall with screws
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