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Endless landscape and extreme cold, these are images which remind one of Siberia when one mentions it. It is even more so: with its desolate tundra covered with moss and lichen and with its immense coniferous forrest, the taiga, which extends up to 12 million square kilometres, more than the entire European continent. When the long freezing winter approaches, temperature drops to -70°. However, beyond the Arctic circle, winter comes bringing along the Arctic dawn with its fantastic colours. Even thou summer is short, it shows beautiful blossoms of the myosotis flower, of stone-break and dwarF-bushes. Here, at the farthest point of the Transiberian, on a bay called the Golden Hom, Vladivostok appears, the Emperess of the Orient. Dedicated to the wind which blows freely and carves shapes in snow and ice, Vostok comes to life, the wash-basin which can be supplied either as a comer or front unit. With its full and clean shape it reminds one of open space and pure and calm atmosphere.


Vostok from wall tecnical specification
Vostok from corner or double from wall tecnical specification
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