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Fonte Branda - Design sinks for interiors or you express, in graniglia, various colours.


Since the Middle Ages the usage of water fountains in Siena was considered very important and became a form of art. It is likely that Dante referred to Fonte Branda in Canto XXX of Hell in his Divine Comedy, because in those times only a few fountains were supplying so much water. The regular use of this source contributed to the prevention of fatal infections and frequents fires. Way back in the twelth century more than one wash-basin was served by the same source. In the first one drinkable water was supplied, the second was used for animals to drink from and the third for washing purposes (the remaining water being used for agricolture and craft-work). Water is a gift which deserves respect. Bearing in mind these ancestral architectural and even ethical traditions, Fonte Branda comes to life, a series of wash-basins which in their purity of form reminds one of the great tradition in Tuscany.


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Fonte Branda semifilo with furniture
Fonte Branda with shelfs
Fonte Branda thickness with furniture
Fonte Branda from wall
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